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  1. Local Searches for Churches
    Categories: Web Strategies Christian Webmasters
    People long for meaningful connections and will pursue them in a multitude of ways. This is at the core of all the social networks - Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, LinkedIn, eHarmony,, et al. Who do I know? And, just as importantly, who knows me?

    People are communal beings - we need each other. We also look for meaning in our lives. As these 2 things merge, local churches play a significant role - if they are prepared for it.

    Applications and search results are becoming very localized - providing different results for the searcher, depending on their place and time. All organizations need to center their online (searchable) content around their location and their website.

    Has your church prepared itself to be a place of community for people seeking meaning in your area? We'll give you an overview of the local search landscape and how you can become a better online neighbor.
  2. Church Websites 101: Set Goals
    Categories: Web Strategies
    If you don't know where you're going, you'll never get lost. And, you'll see a lot of new places!

    Setting goals is all about knowing where you're going and knowing when you arrive. We all have heard about S.M.A.R.T. goals - now is the time to put them work. Goals need to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. Let's see how that applies to our church website and the strategy you are developing.

    This addition to Church Websites 101 will step away from the technology for a bit, because this is actually more difficult to master than the technology.
  3. Church Websites 101: Not Always Easy, But Should Be
    Categories: Web Strategies
    3rd in a series introduced in Church Websites 101: Easy. Not Simple. Last time, we fixed the easy stuff - now you'll need a little tech savvy to take care of some of these things. If you've selected a good CMS, most of this will be easy. If you're having to edit the pages or configuration directly - not so easy.

    If you've gotten this far, you are well ahead of the majority of non-profit organizations. You have overcome the hurdle of publishing online and have developed a discipline for regular updates. Now, you're getting into some of the finer details of effectively sharing content online. You may also find your choice of tools is helping or maybe it is limiting your efforts.
  4. Church Websites 101: Fix the Easy Stuff
    Categories: Web Strategies
    Introduced in Church Websites 101: Easy. Not Simple, we're now going to dig deeper into the strategies you can employ to build and maintain a more effective website for your church or ministry.

    The easy fixes are things you have, or should have, direct control over - the content is yours. This is all about what you post online. Examine your topics, your schedule for posting and updating, the language you use and your presentation. Do it now and keep doing it - establish a discipline (be a disciple) for your ministry.
  5. Church Websites 101: Easy. Not Simple
    Categories: Web Strategies
    Point. Click, Type, Click. Drag, Drop. Share. Take a fresh look at your website - it might be easy, but it ain't simple! The number of easy-to-use site building and publishing tools is climbing, but the task of building and maintaining a good website is not getting any simpler. Until now.

    The concepts are easily learned and, with proper discipline, you can have an effective, enjoyable website for your church.
  6. How To Build The Ark
    Categories: Web Technologies
    When technology works - it's great. When it doesn't, life can be miserable. God had Noah build the ark. He also had Joseph store up grain for the famine. What preparations have you made for the ups and downs you'll experience?
  7. Developing an Effective Church Web Strategy
    Categories: Christian Webmasters Web Strategies
    Having a web strategy for your church is really a part of having a communications strategy for you church - your website is just one aspect of all your communications media. Even your web strategy will be broken into several components - a website, possibly a Facebook page and a Twitter account, maybe other online channels like YouTube and MySpace.

    There are many pieces to your web strategy, but just having all the pieces doesn't mean they all fit together - yet!

    Just like shaking the box won't assemble the jigsaw puzzle for you, you need to have a picture of how it will all fit together and then take steps to make it all happen. Today, we'll look at the pieces and the steps in the context of an overall strategy.
  8. Finding Your Voice and Rising Above the Noise
    Categories: Web Strategies
    People are bombarded with information - radio, television, magazines, newspapers, text messages, email and social media updates. Despite all the noise, people are still starved for good information. How do you get heard above the noise? Contribute to the noise? Quantity does not guarantee quality.

    The biggest factor in getting heard is actually saying something on a regular basis. Not just anything, but something of value - timely and relevant. I will bet you have something of importance to share with people, but you haven't used your website to share it. Or, by the time you did post it, the timeliness or relevance was lost.

    'We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.' ~Aristotle
  9. Communication: It Takes Two To Tango
    Categories: Web Strategies
    A conversation consists of more than 2 people talking - it also involves listening by all parties involved. What does this have to do with your church website? Everything!

    Are you using your website as another vehicle for broadcasting your message, or are you also using it to listen to what others are saying? A recent study by LifeWay Research indicates the majority of churches (even those with fewer than 50 in attendance each week) maintain websites for their church. Yet, of those, only about 40% are actually engaging their members and visitors in conversations on their websites through features such as prayer requests.
  10. Facebook Fan Page or Website - Where Should I Start?
    Categories: Christian Webmasters Web Strategies
    1. Having a web presence is no longer a nicety, but a necessity
    2. You have limitations, as do the various options for establishing your web presence
    3. It's not that difficult or stressful to make a decision, once you know what your choices are

    There are lots of ways to communicate online and there are a variety of costs - where should you focus your attention? Where should you start? Website? Facebook? Twitter? Google Sites? Blogspot? Tumblr? YouTube? MySpace?

    Well, you get the idea - there are a lot of facets to your online presence and you might want to hear what others have to say about building your online identity and communicating your message.

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