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Web Technologies

Understanding what's under the hood of your web site and equip yourself with the tools necessary to be a successful webmaster
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  1. How To Build The Ark
    When technology works - it's great. When it doesn't, life can be miserable. God had Noah build the ark. He also had Joseph store up grain for the famine. What preparations have you made for the ups and downs you'll experience?
  2. Selecting a CMS for Your Church Website
    Once you make the decision to move ahead and build or update your church website, you need to choose the platform you will build it with. What are your choices and how will you make the decisions you are faced with? Here's a look at a baker's dozen of top content management systems and how they compare for church websites and how should you evaluate them.
  3. Social Networking For Your Church Web Site
    What do you know about Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut, MyChurch and other social networking sites? Do you know how to leverage these sites in your ministry? We'll take a quick look at what they are, why they are significant to your church web presence and how to connect with others using these Internet applications.
  4. An Effective Solution for Church Web Sites
    The last thing you want is an ineffective web site. Your church web site must share your story and connect with your intended audience. To do this, you must determine who will build it and maintain it and what tools and resources they will need.

    You also need to know what to look for when evaluating possible platforms for your church web site. Have a clear set of requirements ready as you look for your solution for an effective web site.
  5. Web Server Basics - Apache, MySQL and PHP
    Every web master needs a basic understanding of how the web works. Educate yourself about the fundamentals of Apache, PHP and MySQL and you will have a much easier time managing your site and a lot less frustration in maintaining it. The aim here is to introduce some of the common concepts of the three primary web applications supporting your web site.

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