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Webmaster News : PHP Summer of Updates
Posted by on 2012/9/18 22:30:00 (4471 reads)

As you can see below, this has been a busy summer for the PHP development team - releasing new versions every month, with each version addressing more than 20 issues. Some vulnerabilities and security issues were also fixed in various releases.

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ImpressCMS News : ImpressCMS 1.2.7 and 1.3.1 - New Stable (Final) Releases
Posted by on 2012/1/1 13:46:38 (4260 reads)

ImpressCMS ( has published stable releases for both branches of ImpressCMS - the 1.2 LTS branch (for long term support) and the 1.3 branch - suitable for use on live sites.


Everyone is advised to update to one of these latest versions - they contain security updates that will protect your sites from malicious attacks.


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Webmaster News : Google Changes Search Keyword Reporting
Posted by on 2011/11/17 11:11:55 (4907 reads)

Back in October, Google announced they had changed how they report  information to various analytics programs. In short, searches performed on Google by visitors signed into any Google service (Google+, YouTube, iGoogle, GMail are just some) will not report any keywords to analytics programs, not even to Google Analytics.

How this affects you

Maybe it doesn't - if you aren't looking at the keywords that bring people to your website, then this doesn't change anything for you. If you are looking at your keywords and their performance (and you should be), then this will. If you use any of Google's services, it will affect behavior when you search, follow a link and then try to get back to the search results.

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ImpressCMS News : ImpressCMS Delivers New Version: 1.3 Final
Posted by on 2011/10/23 5:40:00 (4598 reads)

ImpressCMS logoThe developers of ImpressCMS ( have produced a major update and have released version 1.3 as a stable version, ready for live websites. This release is a major revamp of the underlying code, designed to be faster, smaller and better. This also continues to keep pace with the developments in other open source tools - ImpressCMS 1.3 is fully compatible with PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.2 and above.

Version 1.3 is a transitional release for ImpressCMS, as it is the leading towards the removal of a majority of legacy functions. Most of the modules and themes currently supported by earlier versions of ImpressCMS do work in the new version and that was a major consideration in this release. But, not all modules will be able to make the leap. You are well advised to do some testing before you apply this upgrade. There are some new messages in the developer debug area to assist with the transition.

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CMS News : SimplyWiki: Stable Release of 1.2
Posted by on 2011/10/9 13:07:26 (7393 reads)

SimplyWiki 1.2 has been released as a stable release, ready for production sites. SimplyWiki, the only native wiki module compatible with both XOOPS and ImpressCMS, has been going through some refinements over the past year to improve its speed and performance, along with adding a few new features.

What's New in 1.2

  • 3 new tags have been introduced <[Siblings]>, <[Children]> and <[Headings]>
  • RSS feeds (see rss.php)
  • Global notification options - any new page, any page modified, any page deleted, any page restored
  • New event for notification - page restored
  • When previewing a page, any tags or summary you have entered will be preserved
  • Improved page performance and fewer database queries

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