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XOOPS and ImpressCMS

XOOPS and ImpressCMS

Getting the most from your XOOPS- or ImpressCMS-powered web site means educating yourselves about this powerful platform. From basic to advanced, here is some of the best advice from other webmasters
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  1. Does Your Church Website Measure Up?
    This isn't a Top 10 list, or about comparing your site to another church website, or even to any kind of website. It's about applying some basic principles to your web presence to best represent your ministry online and connect with people. Point-and-click and drag-and-drop web publishing systems make make things seem easier, but that doesn't always (in fact, almost never) make those websites better. In this article, I survey the sites listed in our site showcase and share the results with you.
  2. Notifications and RSS: Spread the Word
    Groups are always challenged with keeping everyone informed of changes to upcoming events and notifying them of new events that have been added. Using features built into XOOPS and ImpressCMS, your task just got a lot simpler.
  3. An Effective Solution for Church Web Sites
    The last thing you want is an ineffective web site. Your church web site must share your story and connect with your intended audience. To do this, you must determine who will build it and maintain it and what tools and resources they will need.

    You also need to know what to look for when evaluating possible platforms for your church web site. Have a clear set of requirements ready as you look for your solution for an effective web site.
  4. XOOPS Meta Tags Basics
    Search engines and users rely on you to provide information about your site's content - leverage your XOOPS meta tags and begin to improve your position on search engine results page (SERPs)
  5. Securing Your Website
    Being responsible for at least one web site, if not more, there are things you may not give much thought because they seem beyond your control, of little interest, or of any value to your users. Security usually falls in this category.

    In spite of all that, anyone who maintains a site has the task of taking the initiative when it comes to security. If you don't, your visitors may find one day a new version of your site - a defaced one. Or, your host may suspend your account because a script on your site is causing a high server load. So, you have to do something.

    Where do you start? Most of us will need guidance when it comes to security, server configuration and optimization. There is good news - help is readily available, if you ask for it! I spent some time reviewing the security notes for the different aspects of running a web site and spoke with a few people to get some useful tips to protect your investments of time and effort.

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