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SEO: Write for Your Readers, Not for the Robots

As a web master, at some point you will undoubtedly begin to work on your search engine optimization, or think you need to work on optimizing your site for the search engines. Before you do, read this article and stop to think about who's more important - your readers or the robots?

The Web is HUGE! How will anyone find your site? If you build it, will they come? There are over 1 billion Internet users worldwide and they have over 10 billion web pages to choose from - how will your site impact the web? Search engines have changed the way we find information on the Internet and getting found is a vital part of your success as a web master.

A search for SEO at Google brings up 193,000,000 results - so there must be something to this, right? Well, maybe.

A key thing to remember is your purpose for your web site. Review your purpose and then ask yourself this question - "Do the search robots attend worship services, or do people?" The next question to ask yourself is "How will people I want to visit my site find out about it?"

Here is the benefit of knowing your visitors and applying SEO techniques to writing content for your site - if SEO does nothing more than help you focus your writing, it will improve your readers' experience and your performance in the search engines.

Writing for the web is a skill you can and must develop to bring people to your site and to bring them back to your site. This is an important concept. People may find your site using a search engine, but the content on your site is what will determine if they come back.

Even Google suggests you write for your audience and not the search engines. Your readers will thank you and your message will be found. How do you know if you are reaching your audience?

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