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Steve 2011/1/28
Steve 2010/2/16

Over the next few days (or longer, depending on time available), Christian Web Resources will undergo a bit of a redesign. This will be an iterative approach - things will change and evolve based on feedback and testing. The basic theme has changed already and there will be a few more tweaks as I work through each of the sections to give the site a more consistent style.

If you happen to like one of the old themes, they're not gone, you'll just have to log in and set it as your preferred theme. Then, whenever you log in, you'll be back to the theme you love. If you like the new theme, or see something that could be improved, just add a comment with your suggestions and we'll do what we can to incorporate it somehow.

Steve 2009/6/2
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Steve 2010/9/12
Steve 2007/9/2
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Steve 2007/10/23
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A new community-driven site was opened today - The site is a collection of modules, themes, templates, language packs and extensions for the XOOPS platform, allowing complete customization of your XOOPS-based sites.