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Steve 2011/10/9
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SimplyWiki 1.2 has been released as a stable release, ready for production sites. SimplyWiki, the only native wiki module compatible with both XOOPS and ImpressCMS, has been going through some refinements over the past year to improve its speed and performance, along with adding a few new features.

What's New in 1.2

  • 3 new tags have been introduced <[Siblings]>, <[Children]> and <[Headings]>
  • RSS feeds (see rss.php)
  • Global notification options - any new page, any page modified, any page deleted, any page restored
  • New event for notification - page restored
  • When previewing a page, any tags or summary you have entered will be preserved
  • Improved page performance and fewer database queries

A new module has been released for ImpressCMS ( - Podcast. It is a module for publishing audio tracks and it also handles video quite well. What makes it interesting for churches and ministries is the possibility to use it for publishing sermons and videos on your website.

Posting sermon texts to your website has a multitude of options - a news module, a blog module, an article module, a download module, or even a wiki module are all valid alternatives for publishing text. But, when it comes to publishing and sharing audio or video, the choices are limited.

Steve 2010/1/10

Formulize, one of the most flexible and powerful modules for ImpressCMS and XOOPS (and it even has an integration with Drupal), has been updated to version 3.12. Formulize is an ad hoc form creator, data collector and reporter that allows you to do anything from simple contact forms to complex work flows. It is also the module behind the Pray With Me feature at Christian Web Resources.

Steve 2010/1/1

An update to SimplyWiki, a module that adds wiki capabilities to your ImpressCMS and XOOPS websites, was released today. SimplyWiki 1.1.1 was released as a final version, bringing it into compatibility with new blocks administration functions introduced by ImpressCMS 1.2 and fixing a few bugs in the 1.1 version.

Steve 2009/12/4

After a long history of providing key modules for XOOPS and ImpressCMS, Instant-Zero has closed up shop and transferred all ongoing maintenance and development to the ImpressCMS Project's developers.

Hervé Thouzard, the principal developer and founder of Instant Zero, said in a statement

"The ImpressCMS project has my complete blessings in releasing and continuing the development of the Instant Zero community modules. I truly believe that this is the very best solution for the users and the module themselves"

Steve 2009/4/15
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Here it is - the final release of SimplyWiki 1.1! This version is packed with new features and improvements and you are encouraged to upgrade to this version, if you are using SimplyWiki 1.0, or even an older version of Wiwimod. If you haven't tried this module, yet, SimplyWiki is one of the best wiki modules for ImpressCMS and XOOPS, and the only native module for them. There are only a few small changes since the RC release, addressing the system search results.

Steve 2009/3/20

SimplyWiki 1.1, based on Wiwimod - a WYSIWYG wiki module for ImpressCMS and XOOPS, has now reached RC (release candidate) status and updated packages are ready for you to download. Beta testing has progressed well and only a few fixes are in this release -

  • Date display in admin area for other date formats
  • Moved all date formatting to output and not in data retrieval
  • Global notification event was not being triggered
  • Index tags need absolute URLs (IndexPage and RecentChanges)
Steve 2009/2/19

Feature development for SimplyWiki 1.1 has been completed and it is now ready for beta testing! SimplyWiki has developed over the past few months, continuing on from Wiwimod, which was last released as a XOOPS module in 2005. This release includes the first new set of features for the module since that time. SimplyWiki (Wiwimod 0.83+) was released in November 2008 and only addressed existing functionality.

This version of SimplyWiki is compatible with XOOPS 2.0.x and 2.3.x, and ImpressCMS 1.0 and 1.1. Known issues are problems with PDF generation of special characters - that will be addressed in the next release with the use of an updated PDF class.

Steve 2009/2/14
Tags: wiki   SimplyWiki   wiwimod  

Thanks to all the users that have downloaded and installed SimplyWiki 1.0, a few things were discovered and improvements were necessary. So, this announces the release of SimplyWiki 1.01 RC1 - it is available as a complete install package or as an upgrade package.

Officially - this is an RC release. Do not install on a live site without testing on a copy of your site, or without making a backup of your site

Unofficially - the changes are minor and the resolutions were quite simple. If you like to take risks (and this one is rather small), install or upgrade to this version.

Steve 2009/2/8