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SubmitterBeginning DateTimeFinishing DateTimeSummaryRecur Rules
System24th December 2022 Saturday
25th December 2022 Sunday
Christmas EveEveryyear Admitted
System25th December 2022 Sunday
26th December 2022 Monday
Christmas DayEveryyear December Admitted
System26th December 2022 Monday
27th December 2022 Tuesday
St. Stephen\, Deacon & MartyrEveryyear December Admitted
System27th December 2022 Tuesday
28th December 2022 Wednesday
St. John\, Apostle & EvangelistEveryyear December Admitted
System28th December 2022 Wednesday
29th December 2022 Thursday
Holy InnocentsEveryyear December Admitted
System1st January 2023 Sunday
2nd January 2023 Monday
Circumcision of ChristEveryyear January Admitted
System6th January 2023 Friday
7th January 2023 Saturday
EpiphanyEveryyear January Admitted
System25th January 2023 Wednesday
26th January 2023 Thursday
Conversion of St. PaulEveryyear January Admitted
System27th January 2023 Friday
28th January 2023 Saturday
St. John ChrysostomEveryyear Admitted
System2nd February 2023 Thursday
3rd February 2023 Friday
Purification of St. Mary the VirginEveryyear February Admitted
System24th February 2023 Friday
25th February 2023 Saturday
St. Matthias\, ApostleEveryyear February Admitted
System25th March 2023 Saturday
26th March 2023 Sunday
Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin MaryEveryyear Admitted
System25th April 2023 Tuesday
26th April 2023 Wednesday
St. Mark\, EvangelistEveryyear April Admitted
System1st May 2023 Monday
2nd May 2023 Tuesday
Sts. Philip & James\, ApostlesEveryyear May Admitted
Steve4th May 2023 Thursday
5th May 2023 Friday
National Day of PrayerEveryyear May 1st Thursday Admitted
System11th June 2023 Sunday
12th June 2023 Monday
St. Barnabas\, ApostleEveryyear June Admitted
System24th June 2023 Saturday
25th June 2023 Sunday
Nativity of St. John BaptistEveryyear June Admitted
System29th June 2023 Thursday
30th June 2023 Friday
St. Peter\, ApostleEveryyear June Admitted
System4th July 2023 Tuesday
5th July 2023 Wednesday
Independence DayEveryyear Admitted
System25th July 2023 Tuesday
26th July 2023 Wednesday
St. James\, ApostleEveryyear July Admitted
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