New Documentation Site Opens

Date 2007/11/13 12:30:00 | Topic: XOOPS News has officially opened to the community as a companion site to XOOPSwiki and filling another much-needed area for XOOPS support and growth.
The XOOPS Foundation is supporting this effort and the domain is being provided by them.
Previously, XOOPS documentation was housed at and maintained by Rowd. She has passed on her work to the Communications and Documentation Team, who has set about restructuring and completing this on-going task. All of the documents previously available have been copied to and all new works will be housed there.
The Library is being patterned after the work being done at XOOPSwiki - adopting the organization and support for multiple languages. The idea is to develop the documentation in the wiki in preparation for translating and publishing. XOOPSdocs will serve as an archive for finished documents.
Additional documents are being gathered and added to the library in an on-going effort to bring all of XOOPS' documentation to a central location and we welcome contributions from all XOOPS communities.
XOOPSdocs will provide both inline and downloadable versions in a variety of formats and translations and will share a common theme and navigation with the and to provide an integrated experience for the community.
We welcome all of you to visit and assist in making XOOPS one of the premier CMS applications available

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