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Do you build, maintain, or contribute to your church's website? Have you ever struggled with the technology, worried about the effectiveness of your efforts, or wondered if you have the right content and are publishing at the right times?

I've been on this journey to share my faith online for quite some time, and help others do the same. I knew enough to seek help and support from like-minded people. I have seen some very bustling communities centered around faith and technology dwindle for various reasons. Several challenges exist for a community such as this - creating awareness, building momentum, and sustaining interest.

There are multiple channels to consider, now - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest - how do know where to focus? Should we do them all?

Why 'Christian' and not just webmasters? The technical side is much the same. Do people need to be Christian to find some help here for them as a webmaster? Certainly not. This site is not just about the technical - the "how-to" and "what-to". It is also about the "why-to". Hence, we are Christian Webmasters.

Here's what's inside

For the foreseeable future, Christian Web Resources will be here for people to come and visit, stay a while, and learn and share how they are working through these questions.

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