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Site Components and Credits

XOOPS and ImpressCMS users have many choices for modules to use on their sites - here are the modules selected for use on Christian Web Resources and how they are used.

User Guides (SimplyWiki)

Wiwimod module - Christian Web ResourcesSimplyWiki ( ... _id=635401) is the module that runs this area of the site. SimplyWiki is based on Wiwimod and has had quite a few updates. It is quite flexible and can be used to easily create HTML pages for your site and also to create a wiki.


Forms (Formulize)

Formulize module - Christian Web ResourcesFormulize ( ... ?formulize) is a powerful, yet simple module for creating forms, surveys and custom applications within your XOOPS or ImpressCMS site. We employ it for our contact form, our prayer request form and to create custom forms for the downloads categories.

Forums (CBB)

CBB forums module - Christian Web ResourcesCBB ( runs the forums here. Forums can be used in many different ways - they can be discussion areas, they can provide answers to frequently asked questions, they can be used to track projects and they can cover a variety of topics. They add another element to your site because the posts are contributions from your visitors

Downloads (WF-Downloads)

WF-Downloads module - Christian Web ResourcesWF-Downloads ( allows us to offer you access to other resources you can download for your own use, either to assist in building your site, add to your site, encourage you in your faith life, or just as a bit of fun. WF-Downloads now interfaces with Formulize, allowing you to build custom forms for each category, if you wish to provide specific information not found on the standard forms

Feeds (RSSFit)

RSSfit module - Christian Web ResourcesRSSFit ( allows us to generate news feeds from the many different areas of our web site and also provides us with podcasting capabilities (using WF-Downloads)

Articles (Article)

Article module - Christian Web ResourcesArticle ( - why a wiki, a news section and an articles section? You may not need all of these on your site, but here I am using them for very narrow sections of content. In part to demonstrate the various modules and in part because they present the information differently and it fits the profile of the site. There is another module (SmartSection) that could also be used as an alternative to any or all of these modules.

Planet (Planet)

Planet module - Christian Web ResourcesPlanet ( allows you to aggregate content from other web sources. This is a way to present related content without having to create all of it yourself and also to make your site a portal for similar sites.

Tags (Tag)

Tag Module - Christian Web ResourcesThe Tag module ( allows us to link related information across all areas of the site. Not all modules support tags, but we are working towards that.

News (News)

News - Christian Web ResourcesNews ( is behind our news area. It is used to present bits of information that are timely and have a shorter 'shelf-life'. You can always find old news in the archive, though. I have modified this module a bit from the original to provide different definitions of 'expired' and archive.

Gallery (xcGallery)

xcGallery - Christian Web ResourcesxcGallery ( ... ect/?xcgal) is behind our Gallery. People like to see pictures and you will find many ways to incorporate images on your sites. One feature that is especially useful is being able to send eCards - find a photo you like and send it to a friend, along with a greeting and message.

Links (imLinks)

imLinks Module - Christian Web ResourcesimLinks ( ... loads/list) - there are many other sites online that broaden our knowledge, encourage us in our faith and our efforts as webmasters and provide other resources that enable us to continue in our work. This is an online directory of those useful sites. imLinks grew out of WF-Links and has many new features that make this module a top choice for a link directory

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