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Modules and Extensions

Modules and extensions are add-on programs that add functionality to your XOOPS or ImpressCMS site. By defining which features you will like to have on your site, you can determine whivh modules or extensions you will need to provide those for your visitors. Having just what you need keeps your site nice and neat and uncluttered with things you and your visitors do not need.

These programs are written to work with XOOPS or ImpressCMS and are most often written by other XOOPS or ImpressCMS users that have a specific problem they need solved for their own sites. If you use this site as an example, there are more modules installed here than on a typical site, only to provide a better sampling of the different options available. As you are selecting modules for your site, there are some basic practices to follow that will increase your possibility of finding a module that will work for you and serve you well into the future:

  1. Have a clear set of requirements detailing the problem you are trying to solve
  2. Know what the requirements of the module are
  3. Select a module that is still being developed and supported
  4. Visit sites that use the modules you are considering
  5. Maintain a test site where you can evaluate the installation, configuration and use of the module's features and functions


Web Master Tools

Statistics and Analytics

  • XOOPS-statistics
  • iStats
  • iSearch
  • NetQuery
  • myReferer

Feed Publishers and Aggregators


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