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Year started: 2011

Active users: 540 million

Identities: Personal Profiles, Business Pages

Relationships: Followers, Circles, Communities

Activities: Status Update, Plus 1 (+1), Comment, Share

Media: Text, links, photos, videos


The basic identity on Google+, a profile is intended to be a person and having one allows you to participate in the Google+ social network, create pages for businesses, places, organizations, and also create and participate in Communities (interest groups and discussions). If you do not already have a Google+ profile, you can create one by signing up

  • First name, Last name
  • Username (create along with a Gmail account, or use an existing email)
  • Birthdate
  • Gender (male, female, other)
  • (optional) Mobile phone
  • Location (country)

Personal Information - you can elect what shows and who sees it (only you, specific people, people in your circles, extended circles, public)

  • Basic - name, gender, birthday (select which portion to share), relationships, names
  • Story - tagline, introduction, bragging rights
  • Work - occupation, skills, employment
  • Education - schools, dates, areas of study
  • Places
  • Contact Information
  • Links - other Google properties, other social profiles, authorship. This where your profile starts to gets interesting, in terms of other web content!

Profile photo

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Pages are to businesses and organizations what profiles are to people.



Posts on Google+ have their own URI, can be shared, plussed (+1'd), and have comments. They are searchable and can also show up in general search results on Google. This gives them a longevity not seen on most other social networks.

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