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Steve 2010/8/8

An updated version of ImpressCMS 1.2 was released to address a vulnerability in TidyCSS, 1 of the external libraries included in ImpressCMS. If you are using any of the 1.2 series for your site, you are urged to upgrade to 1.2.2 immediately. You can also remove the vulnerable file manually, since it is not used by ImpressCMS

Steve 2010/3/21

3 months after the release of ImpressCMS 1.2, the ImpressCMS developers have released 1.2.1 Final. This release addresses several issues discovered as users began upgrading their existing sites. This is the 35th release from the ImpressCMS project in just over 2 years. 41 issues were fixed in this release, the majority of which focused on the upgrade of existing sites. The other fixes were related to new features added in 1.2

Issues were resolved in these areas -

  • Control Panel
  • Core Functionalities
  • Design & Templates
  • Installation Process
  • Registration Process
  • Upgrade Process
Steve 2009/12/22

After almost 14 months, ImpressCMS has released another jam-packed major release - version 1.2. Even after having won Most Promising Open Source CMS in this year's Packt Publishing awards, they continue to push forward and deliver time and again.

Some of the key additions to this already feature-rich community and content management system are

  • An online image editor
  • A new user profile module, with social networking features and customizable fields for your site
  • A new content manager module
  • The ability to assign different home pages for different user groups
  • Easier customization for filtering HTML input from users
  • Easier customization for verifying user identity through a CAPTCHA image
  • Lots of administrative improvements
Steve 2009/12/4

Each year, Packt Publishing conducts a competition to determine the top open source content management system. Nominations are accepted from the general public for several weeks, then tabulated to determine the top 5 in each of several categories - Best Overall, Most Promising, Best PHP and Best Other. New this year was a Hall of Fame award for previous winners in the Best Overall category.

1st place  winners in the 2009 competition were WordPress, Drupal, ImpressCMS and Plone.

Steve 2009/10/23
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The ImpressCMS development team has released ImpressCMS 1.1.3, a security update for their 1.1 version. The vulnerabilities were not in their core code, but in 2 of the 3rd party libraries used and distributed with their core - Smarty and PHPOpenID. If your site is running on a version prior to 1.1.3, it is strongly recommended you upgrade to the latest version.

Smarty is a template engine, driving the way pages are built and displayed by ImpressCMS. PHPOpenID allows you to use OpenID authentication for logins on an ImpressCMS site.

Steve 2009/6/2
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Steve 2009/3/11

ImpressCMS 1.1.2 Final has just been released by the ImpressCMS Project with a bunch of improvements and additions. Most significant were some security improvements to captcha and session handling for both users and administrators. In addition, the core begins to leverage more of the native PHP5 capabilities for a significant commitment to future development on a secure and stable platform.

If you have made the move to ImpressCMS, this release will provide you with an important set of fixes - this release is fully tested and ready for your production web sites. If you haven't tried ImpressCMS, this is the release to start your new site with.

Steve 2009/1/21

A few years ago, I discovered Scripturizer - a javascript that finds Bible references in your web pages and turns them into links to the verses on BibleGateway. The script is fairly simple to add to your site, if you don't mind editing the HTML for each theme you use - until now.

Steve 2008/11/14

ImpressCMS 1.1 has been released as a final, stable release and the list of new features is rather impressive!

Some of the features introduced in this version of ImpressCMS have been on the community's wish list for a long time -

  • Built-in content creator and manager
  • Integration of OpenID as an authentication method for user logins
  • WYSIWYG editor available throughout the site without having to hack the core or modules
  • Increased security options for encrypting user passwords
  • Built-in support for RTL (right-to-left) languages
  • Password strength meter
  • CAPTCHA built-in and used for system comments and registration forms
  • and many more features...
Steve 2007/12/21
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