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Steve 2009/2/8
Steve 2009/2/8
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Steve 2009/1/16

Each of us leads busy lives, lives often without any space between what we are trying to do and our capabilities. It's important we make time in each day for things that are truly important - our faith, our family and our friends. LIke many of you, I suffer from the same lack of time in a day - 24 hours just isn't enough!

To help us in this plight, I have added PiCal, a calendar module, here at Christian Web Resources. With this calendar, I will share some of the "Big Rocks" that go on my calendar first.

Steve 2008/12/13
Steve 2008/12/13
Steve 2009/1/3
Steve 2008/10/6
Steve 2010/11/16
Steve 2007/10/23
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A new community-driven site was opened today - The site is a collection of modules, themes, templates, language packs and extensions for the XOOPS platform, allowing complete customization of your XOOPS-based sites.
System 2007/7/9
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