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Steve 2012/9/18

As you can see below, this has been a busy summer for the PHP development team - releasing new versions every month, with each version addressing more than 20 issues. Some vulnerabilities and security issues were also fixed in various releases.

Steve 2011/9/4

The PHP development team has released 2 updates to PHP - 5.3.7 and  5.3.8, just 5 days later. There were over 90 fixes and improvements in these releases, increasing the overall stability and performance of PHP. The reason version 5.3.8 was released only 5 days after 5.3.7 was to correct 2 serious bugs introduced by the 5.3.7 version. All webmasters should note that PHP 5.2 is no longer supported by the developers and you should be moving your applications to the newer version.

Steve 2008/11/14

ImpressCMS 1.1 has been released as a final, stable release and the list of new features is rather impressive!

Some of the features introduced in this version of ImpressCMS have been on the community's wish list for a long time -

  • Built-in content creator and manager
  • Integration of OpenID as an authentication method for user logins
  • WYSIWYG editor available throughout the site without having to hack the core or modules
  • Increased security options for encrypting user passwords
  • Built-in support for RTL (right-to-left) languages
  • Password strength meter
  • CAPTCHA built-in and used for system comments and registration forms
  • and many more features...