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Kevin D. Hendricks | 2010/10/28 19:06:52 | 6 reads

This year Halloween falls on a Sunday.It’s like a mash-up of good and evil, sure to stoke the anti-Halloween crowd into a pumpkin-smashing spree (unlike a few years ago when Christmas was on a Sunday, prompting an explosion of good cheer so intense churches had to cancel services).It prompts the age-old question: How should your pastor dress up for Halloween?Or that other age-old question: How should Christians respond to Halloween?We’re here to remind you that how your church deals with ...

Howard McCray | 2010/10/27 19:01:01 | 8 reads

After overcoming a lifelong drug addiction, I came to God and started a church with my wife. It’s called the River City Recovery Ministries in Cambridge, Minn., and includes a church called The Fish House and homes for recovering addicts. I currently serve as the senior pastor and executive director. We do a lot of ministry to addicts and their families and saw 400% growth during the first year.Over the years, I have learned how to preach, teach and lead people out of their issues, but I wa...

2010/10/27 17:00:00 | 9 reads

We are extremely pleased to announce that XOOPS has received the "Best Technology Award" from the North East Asia OSS Forum for the upcoming X3 version of XOOPS, that will be officially released as Alpha version this weekend. The judges were impressed with X3 architecture, its usage of state-of-the-art PHP libraries such as Zend Framework and Smarty 3, and the direction XOOPS is taking toward becoming a "Web Application-oriented development platform"As DJ mentioned in the August news, the fi...

Joshua Cody | 2010/10/26 21:32:41 | 7 reads

Lucky for us, there is still one thing that can stop the stubborn march of Christmas capitalism: a good, old-fashioned argument about the inherit sinfulness of Halloween. So naturally, we decided to see what your churches are up to this Halloween. Here’s what you had to say:In a landslide, the majority of you are hosting some sort of Halloween-alternative. 61% of folks that responded are a part of a church that offers a fall festival or some sort of other event for families. If that number ...

Jan Lynn | 2010/10/25 21:44:49 | 12 reads

There’s a booth in the back of most church auditoriums where rows of buttons, knobs, dials and cable magically translate into light arrays, crisp audio and instant video in our weekend services. Those elements represent the specialized knowledge and talent of a unique group of people. Now there’s a new online resource for church techies—from seasoned veterans to trained volunteers to those don’t know a fader from a potentiometer.*The Tech Arts Network, launched earlier this month by f...

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