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2010/12/31 22:30:00 | 568 reads

Theme Naime: Happy New Year Designed by: AgadirnaCategory: 3 Column Themes Two versions: Arabic and EnglishDemo : Click Here Download :Click Here

Jon Rogers | 2013/10/23 20:00:44 | 60 reads

I had the privilege to sit down with Todd Henry, author of Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day—an important book with a haunting title.  The last two sentences of his previous book, The Accidental Creative, were “Die Empty. Don’t go to the grave with your best work still inside you.” The idea of Die Empty is not to work yourself to death, but to make sure that you’re acting on the things that matter to you every day.We make sacrifices everyday for our work and vocation that...

Kelley Hartnett | 2011/8/8 19:00:20 | 46 reads

This weekend I learned to finish drywall. For some time I thought painting—cutting in, specifically—was the only activity more frustrating than golf. But then my dad handed over a roll of sticky yellow tape, a bucket—roughly the size of Lake Michigan—containing joint compound (i.e., “mud”), a sanding block, and shiny spatulas of various widths. “The basic idea,” he explained, “is to make the seams between the drywall sheets disappear.” Apply mud over the tape and then, aft...

Michael Buckingham | 2011/7/7 19:00:15 | 46 reads

If you create within the church, you know the term Todd Henry uses all too well: “create on demand.” The challenge of finding and executing brilliant ideas at a moment’s notice can be exhausting, and eventually cause your work to be mediocre.Good news, Todd Henry understands you, the environment you live in and wrote a book especially for you: The Accidental Creative: How To Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice.While most artists don’t work well in a tightly scheduled box, we do need a...

Kevin D. Hendricks | 2011/5/16 20:35:32 | 45 reads

Last month one of the biggest churches in the U.S., the 55,000-member Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, created a special Easter flash mob video that went viral, scoring more than 700,000 views so far. It was heralded as an example of viral video marketing and even got kudos from Adweek‘s Adfreak blog.The video featured more than 2,000 pastel-clad “spontaneous” dancers raising arms to an auto-tuned worship song in celebration of Easter Sunday. It’s eerily reminiscent of the Res...

2011/4/12 23:40:02 | 39 reads

Here are two new themes for Xoops FREEXDCandy is based on the template of the defect core of Xoops. ⨠This template adapted from templatemo_286_blue_candy works with xoops 2.4.5 and moreIt displays a column to the right or left of a width of 170 pixels. ⨠It is compatible with Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and Internet ExplorerXDMetalCuver is based on the theme Zetagenesis core of Xoops. ⨠This template adapted from templatemo_226_metal_curve works with xoops 2.4.5 and moreIt...

2010/12/22 13:10:00 | 36 reads

I'm happy to present the new FREE XOOPS Theme with the name Sd-075-Christmas-Theme.Here can you find the - XOOPS 2.4 Theme Demo - XOOPS 2.5 Theme Demo.And here is the FREE - Download Xoops Theme Sd-075-Christmas-Theme.Have Fun with the Christmas-Theme and Merry Christmas to all XOOPS Users.

Joshua Cody | 2011/2/16 21:00:57 | 34 reads

If you’re like us, you’ve probably heard some buzz amongst your online circle about The Table Project. And if you haven’t, we’ve got the information directly from the horse’s mouth. We had the opportunity to speak with Jason Wenell of The Table Project about the initiative.The plan is to officially launch to the public on Feb. 23. But we’ve got 10 invitation codes specifically to give our readers a sneak peek (Update: Oops, all gone.). But more on that later. Here’s what Jason ...

Katy Peperkorn | 2014/12/15 20:00:34 | 34 reads

Churches are always wanting to add scriptural material to their website. But who wants to type out the lengthy passages? There’s an easier way for the many churches whose websites are built on the popular WordPress software platform.Let’s explore a handful of WordPress plugins which make adding scripture to a website a breeze. Plugins are easy-to-install additions which customize a website or extend its features.Daily Scripture pluginsThese plugins provide a “Verse of the Day” or a ra...

Dave Hakes | 2015/2/2 20:00:06 | 31 reads

You know your church’s website (or Facebook Page) will become more effective as new material is posted, but what to post?Are you trying to create material all by yourself? Or are you interested in seeing your church’s online ministry grow and are interested in some suggestions?A frustrating lack of ideasDo you find yourself with a lack of ideas?Being short on specific ideas to post about can be frustrating and leave you feeling unable to contribute. Meanwhile, without new posts, your onli...

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