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Category: Christianity

Dave Hakes | 2015/7/8 20:00:03 | 8 reads

What is your church trying to do online?Is it trying to reach people with the Gospel or is it a platform for communicating church-related information?Two different approachesThere’s a difference between the two and in order to be successful, you need to know which approach your church is aiming for.Take a look at your website (or Facebook Page) with a critical eye. Observe the approach you’re actually taking at the moment. You can do this by looking at recently-posted items and counting h...

Dave Hakes | 2015/7/1 20:00:25 | 7 reads

Podcasts. Instagram. Blogs. Pinterest. LinkedIn. Facebook Pages. Email. Social check ins. Sharing. Tweets. Live streaming. Ministry by text message. Smart phone apps. Website content management systems. Hashtags.Where does it all end?With some churches, I get the distinct impression that it ends with impressing your visitors and new members how “with it”, connected, engaged, relevant (or choose your own adjective) the church is.I’d prefer it begin and end with the Gospel. © 2015, Inte...

Katy Peperkorn | 2015/6/29 20:00:52 | 9 reads

Twitter can be a great addition to your internet ministry, but knowing how to start can feel overwhelming. Jargon like “Tweets” and “Hashtag” can leave you feeling muddled.If you are interested in starting a Twitter account for your church, never fear. Here are some basic tips to get your church’s Twitter up and running!1. The “Who” of your accountShould your account be your church or a specific person representing your church?There isn’t a simple answer to this question. On o...

Dave Hakes | 2015/6/22 20:00:06 | 6 reads

Do you and your church agree on what it means for your internet ministry to be successful?The definition of “success” can vary from church to church.Where one church might be trying to keep members of the congregation informed and engaged, another might be trying to reach people with the Gospel.Success will look different for each.Success is also a negotiable concept within the church in each case.For example, if the church is trying to reach people outside its four walls, to one person, ...

Katy Peperkorn | 2015/6/15 20:00:27 | 5 reads

Many church websites don’t live up to expectations. That is, the church had (or maybe still has) expectations in launching their website that the site isn’t fulfilling.This probably does not surprise you.Often, one of those expectations is that the website will help spread the church’s message and/or help bring visitors to the church.If one were to look, the church might find that the visitors the church website receives are not the visitors they had anticipated.The church may have expe...

Dave Hakes | 2015/6/3 20:00:24 | 6 reads

If your church does things now the same way it has for a number of years, entry into the internet ministry can be, well, uncomfortable.The internet doesn’t always fit nicely into the habits developed by doing things the same way for year after year after year.It may require people to develop new skills. Routines may need to be adjusted. Styles of writing might need to change. The way things get planned might need to be updated.This might feel awkward at first.I’d bet that when printing an...

Dave Hakes | 2015/6/1 20:00:27 | 6 reads

Your website needs some improvements…whether you want to admit it or not, you know this. Touching the website can be like opening a can of worms. What if it turns out to be a huge project?You also know that you don’t have a ton of time to work on it and aren’t really an expert in using the website anyway. Nor does your church have much staff (if any) or volunteer help that can take on website improvements that you feel you cannot handle.If it feels like a daunting project, it’s easier...

Dave Hakes | 2015/5/21 20:00:19 | 5 reads

Your church’s online presence makes an impression on people, whether you realize it or not.It doesn’t matter if your online presence is through a website, a podcast, a Facebook Page or some combination of these or another online channel. People that encounter your church online will form an impression based on what they see.Their impression is a result of their own experiences interacting with your online channel, whether the result be good, bad, or indifferent.We’d love for everyone to...

Dave Hakes | 2015/5/18 20:00:28 | 13 reads is a tool for creating quote graphics which are popular and effective ways to visually engage readers on websites and social media platforms.It’s a fun and easy-to-use tool that joins a growing cadre of tools dedicated to this purpose, such as ShareAsImage, Quozio and Canva.Here’s a video that shows how easy can be, followed by a handful of Biblical quote graphics I created with this website-based tool to give you a quick idea of what the tool can do.htt...

SocialMedia.Church | 2015/3/25 10:04:35 | 7 reads

Show Notes: #smcpodcast your favorite coffee Blog Post – “How to Launch Online Groups” on Sponsor: Searchable Church Google, the #1 search engine in the world, is giving churches $10,000/month in FREE advertising! Can...The post Facebook Groups for Ministry: Episode 117 appeared first on Social Media Church Podcast.

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