SimplyWiki 1.1 RC1 is Released

Date 2009/3/20 10:50:00 | Topic: CMS News

SimplyWiki 1.1, based on Wiwimod - a WYSIWYG wiki module for ImpressCMS and XOOPS, has now reached RC (release candidate) status and updated packages are ready for you to download. Beta testing has progressed well and only a few fixes are in this release -

  • Date display in admin area for other date formats
  • Moved all date formatting to output and not in data retrieval
  • Global notification event was not being triggered
  • Index tags need absolute URLs (IndexPage and RecentChanges)

Other new features available in 1.1 -

  • CAPTCHA added to edit form and config option to enable/disable - borrowed code from imLinks (mcdonald3072)
  • New block: Page List - options to list by create date, modified date, last viewed date or number of revisions, different display modes and customizable date format
  • New block: Add Page - can be placed anywhere on your site to add a new wiki page. Block only displays if the user has write privileges in the wiki
  • New blocks: Tag Cloud and Top Tags (can only be used if the Tag module is installed)
  • 'Add New Page' field to easily create new pages - user must have write privileges for the form to display
  • Revision summary can be entered for each page revision
  • Summary information to RecentChanges rendering, also available in History view
  • Config option to enable/disable Quick Add
  • Configuration option to select the top page for the module
  • Configuration option to select which page information to display

Links to download packages -

SimplyWiki 1.1_rc1 tar.gz file
SimplyWiki 1.1rc1 zip file

Bug Reports and Feature Requests  -

This is not for a production site - this is only for testing and translating! However, it has been found to be very stable in testing.

Your testing and feedback are greatly appreciated.

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