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XOOPS News : XOOPS Releases 2.5.0 Final
Posted by on 2010/11/19 11:00:52 (1815 reads)

Driven by the efforts of the French XOOPS community, XOOPS has released a final version of 2.5.0. The improvements in version 2.5.0 are focused on the administration area, with a generous use of jQuery for a comfortable feel for common actions, similar to a desktop application.

There are no major compatibility issues between XOOPS 2.4.x and 2.5.0, but there have been some reports of issues in their forums, which is to be expected of any new release.

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CWR News : Update Your Bookmarks - Christian Web Resources Has Moved
Posted by on 2010/11/13 13:06:37 (992 reads)

Just last night, I made the final changes to move Christian Web Resources to its proper domain and now you'll find us at The old domain is forwarding you here, so your bookmarks will still work and links in search engine results will get you the information you seek.

The site started as Christian XOOPS Resources in 2007 and then became Christian Web Resources in 2008, realizing our mission was independent of the platform. We still hope to educate, equip, enable, encourage and empower people with a passion for Christ and provide them with resources for use in their ministries.

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Case Studies and Announcements : University Presbyterian Church of Chapel Hill
Posted by on 2010/10/10 11:50:00 (897 reads)
Case Studies and Announcements

The website for University Presbyterian Church of Charlotte, NC has gotten a makeover and PageProgressive, the web developers behind the site, has announced its new launch.

The site employs some slideshows on the homepage and in various portions of the site. Along with this, they are reaching out through social media sites. including Facebook. Sermons are posted each week, many of them include videos of the sermon from the service, so you can get a sense of what their worship services are like.

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ImpressCMS News : Security Release: ImpressCMS 1.2.2 Final
Posted by on 2010/8/8 23:14:27 (1533 reads)

An updated version of ImpressCMS 1.2 was released to address a vulnerability in TidyCSS, 1 of the external libraries included in ImpressCMS. If you are using any of the 1.2 series for your site, you are urged to upgrade to 1.2.2 immediately. You can also remove the vulnerable file manually, since it is not used by ImpressCMS

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Webmaster News : PHP Releases 5.2.14 and 5.3.3
Posted by on 2010/7/24 4:39:19 (1943 reads)

2 new releases of PHP (PHP Hypertext Processor) were just announced - 5.2.14 and 5.3.3. Both releases focus on stability and security, addressing several different issues.

The 5.2.14 releases marks the end of the support of the 5.2 series of PHP. No further bug fixes will be released for this version and security fixes will be addressed individually. The 5.3.3 release moves if further ahead in support of namespaces and does introduce a break in compatibility for class constructors. The change only affects previous versions of PHP5.3, since namespaces were introduced in the 5.3 series.

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