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Webmaster News : PHP Updates: Critical Issues Resolved By 5.2.17 and 5.3.5
Posted by on 2011/1/11 10:33:34 (1407 reads)

The PHP developers have released another update for both the 5.2 series and the 5.3 series. There is a critical issue that can cause PHP to hang and crash, causing your application to stall. They have provided a simple script you can run on your server (only from the command line, so this isn't for most people to test) to test for the vulnerability. I ran it in my local test environment and found it failed the test.

If your server is affected, you are strongly urged to upgrade to PHP 5.2.17 or 5.3.5.

ImpressCMS News : Security Release: ImpressCMS 1.2.4
Posted by on 2010/12/22 11:07:47 (1582 reads)

In a quick turnaround, the ImpressCMS Project published a new release today in response to a vulnerability report racing around the Twitter-verse. They also closed an authorization gap in the plugin used by the TinyMCE editor that connected it to the image manager of ImpressCMS.

A few of the improvements already in the upcoming version of ImpressCMS were also back-ported to this release, making for a much more polished product for your web sites.

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Webmaster News : PHP Update: 5.2.16 Released
Posted by on 2010/12/17 23:03:23 (1560 reads)

It appears the PHP development team has not quite put the 5.2 series to bed and have released another update for it. PHP 5.2.16 addresses a regression error introduced in 5.2.15 for open_basedir implementations. If you use open_basedir in your application and are using PHP 5.2.15, you should update your PHP installation to 5.2.16 or 5.3.4.

PHP 5.2.16 also fixes a crash in the PDO::pgsql driver when attempting to retrieve data when the server is unavailable.

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Webmaster News : PHP 5.2.15 and 5.3.4 Released by PHP Development Team
Posted by on 2010/12/11 11:24:33 (1641 reads)

Versions 5.2.15 and 5.3.4 of one of the web's most popular programming languages have been released by the PHP developement team. PHP 5.2.15 marks the end of support for the 5.2 series of PHP (which is what they said when they released 5.2.14) and PHP 5.3.4 is a maintenance release, providing over 100 bugfixes and several security patches.

You are strongly urged to upgrade to the latest version of PHP supported by your application and you should be making plans to make your application work on PHP 5.3.

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ImpressCMS News : ImpressCMS 1.2.3 Final - Now Supports PHP 5.3
Posted by on 2010/11/19 11:21:15 (1977 reads)

The ImpressCMS Team is proud to present the final release of ImpressCMS 1.2.3. With this release, PHP 5.3 support has been added to the system core and there have been a few bug fixes and a security patch added.

Since the initial release of ImpressCMS 1.2, PHP 5.3 support has steadily gained ground in hosting solutions. Based upon user feedback, the ImpressCMS team decided not to wait for ImpressCMS 1.3 in order to support PHP 5.3 officially. No new functionality has been added in this release, but it is highly recommended you upgrade to this version.

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