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CMS News : SimplyWiki: Stable Release of 1.2
Posted by on 2011/10/9 13:07:26 (7333 reads)

SimplyWiki 1.2 has been released as a stable release, ready for production sites. SimplyWiki, the only native wiki module compatible with both XOOPS and ImpressCMS, has been going through some refinements over the past year to improve its speed and performance, along with adding a few new features.

What's New in 1.2

  • 3 new tags have been introduced <[Siblings]>, <[Children]> and <[Headings]>
  • RSS feeds (see rss.php)
  • Global notification options - any new page, any page modified, any page deleted, any page restored
  • New event for notification - page restored
  • When previewing a page, any tags or summary you have entered will be preserved
  • Improved page performance and fewer database queries

Basic Features

SimplyWiki uses any of the WYSIWYG editors your site uses, eliminating the need to learn new markup syntax. Simply create your page and edit the content.

There are several options for adding new pages - there is a 'Create new page' element you can enable on all pages, as well as a block you can add anywhere on your site. Or, you can enclose the page name for a new page in double square brackets '[' and ']' on any wiki page and a link to the new page will appear to create the new page. You can also enable CamelCase page names and adding that to an existing page will also create the link for adding a new page.

You can create a hierarchy of pages but using the Parent page field for each page. This will enable the breadcrumb links at the top of every wiki page.

SimplyWiki extends the core permissions and allows you to create profiles for editors, readers and administrators, as well as the ability to add comments and view a page's history. Each page will be assigned a profile to enable these features.

Create a table of contents for your wiki using the visibility field in combination with the TOC block. To hide a page from the TOC block, set its visibility to 0. Any other positive number will set the sort order (weight) of the page in the table of contents block.

You can enable a unique block to display related information - the SideContent block displays content based on the current page being viewed. Assign a page title to the side content field for a page and enable the SideContent block. When the main page is displayed, the related content page will display in the block.

SimplyWiki can store multiple versions of a page (revisions), allowing you to track the history and changes to a page. You can also comment on the changes made for each revision.

Longer pages can be split into multiple pages, using the

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