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XOOPS News : XOOPS Releases 2.4.5 Final
Posted by on 2010/7/15 11:55:31 (1122 reads)

XOOPS 2.4.5 is a minor update to the XOOPS 2.4 platform, focusing on bugfixes and cosmetic changes to the underlying code.

There are detailed instructions to follow if you are using earlier versions of the xoopseditors - be sure to read and follow them. Please remember: If you're installing it over previous installation, make a BACKUP of your files and database first! Also note that some hacks done for previous XOOPS versions might not work with this release: testing before installing is always a good practice.

System requirements

Any PHP version >= 4.3 (PHP 4.2.x may work but is not officially supported, PHP 5.0+ is strongly recommended)

MySQL server 3.23+ (MySQL 5.0+ is strongly recommended)

Web server:
Any server supporting the required PHP version (Apache highly recommended)

Change Log

2010/06/26: Version 2.4.5 Final
- Formulated coding style and restored author/copyright information in header blocks (phppp)
- Fixed bug #3025455: return value was missing in {@XoopsObject} getVar method (phppp/catzwolf)

2010/06/19: Version 2.4.5 RC3
- Reverted calendar related functionality to XOOPS 2.3 series due to license conflicts (phppp/mamba)
- Improved file inclusion for Framework in XoopsLoad: stop including a file if it is not detected (phppp)

2010/05/22: Version 2.4.5 RC2
Updates upon community:
- Reverted: Added Support for unicode object vars (trabis)
- Added: .htaccess into uploads folder for extra security (mamba)
- Fixed: _CM_RE renamed to _RE (trabis/mowaffaq)

2010/02/10: Version 2.4.5 RC
Updates upon community:
- Fixed: Flash banners are not displayed in the expected position (kris_fr/trabis)
- Improved current link in system block : mainmenu and usermenu (trabis/kris_fr)
- Reverted: Support for unicode object vars, reverting object behavior to 2.3.x (trabis)
- Reverted: Changes in module textsanitizer related to the code box fix (trabis)

Removed Language defines:
- Please refer to modules/profile/changelog.txt (trabis)

2010/02/04: Version 2.4.5 beta
Updates upon community:
- Fixed: Adding missing constructor classes for php4 compatibility (trabis)
- Fixed: Problems with & a m p ; character (trabis)


Both zipped and tar.gz files are available through our downloads area

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