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How can we reckognize harmful backlinkers, and what can be done about it?
Just popping in
2014/12/16 10:18
From Quebec, Canada
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Twelve out of Twenty-Two Domains that have one or more links towards my Web site are from Web Sites I have myself visited. The remaining are from sites that I knew nothing about, and that just happen to find me. Some point to my pdf files and make them available to their users. When I realized this was happening, I made sure I identified every page of every pdf document on my site through my domain name on the footer.

Until a few days ago, I visited every site that pointed to mine to make sure I was comfortable with what they did. But when I tried to access the latest Web site that was linking to mine, I received warning signals from my antivirus software. I then used Scam Adviser. It reported that the site itself was not malicious, but that the a certain number of its users had been contaminated with unwanted programs.

Should I look into blocking access to certain sites that are backlinking to mine? What other course of action should be taken?

Posted on: 2014/12/16 12:06
Daniel Garneau
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Re: How can we recognize harmful backlinkers, and what can be done about it?
2007/6/15 11:53
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Hi, Daniel - look through these forums, there was a thread about backlinks, but it was about generating more backlinks, rather that evaluating the backlinks you already have, and potentially blocking some.

I don't worry much about the scammy spammers and their links - the search engines are a lot more sophisticated now and the negative impact isn't as great. That's not to say that some will not try to launch a negative SEO campaign against your site, but just as Google and Bing/Yahoo! evaluate the links from your site to determine its relevance, the same is done for the sites linking to yours.

Instead, I tend to focus on those sites that are good references to mine and help them craft the page where I am linked - doing a little SEO for them can boost both our positions.

If you are hosting a lot of resources from your site (PDFs, images, documents, presentations), you might want to consider setting up restrictions for hot-linking. Don't allow other sites to post your resources and use your bandwidth without landing on a page on your site. if you're not familiar with hot-linking, just do a search. There are even WP plugins to assist you.

Posted on: 2014/12/16 12:36
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