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A Typical Saturday

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Missing the targetSaturday is the one day I don't have anything else dictating my schedule: Monday through Friday is dominated with work, Sunday is dedicated to church and family. On Saturdays, I tend to spend a lot of time sifting through all the social media updates for the past week. I don't look at volume, or engagement, or other metrics commonly used. Instead, I look at the posts and how they relate to the stated mission of the account (the bio should reflect this). I also look at what hasn't been posted - what is missing?

This can actually take up most of the day. What was posted? How did that meet the objective? How did we connect with our community? What was our community doing outside of our network? How could we have phrased our posts differently? What did we overlook? What did we do well? What could we have done better? Has the website/Facebook page/Twitter account/Pinterest board/Google+ page been given the proper attention to support the activity? Are there posts to share or comment on? What photos and videos add to the conversations? Is there an invitation to connect?

All too oftern, I see social media accounts that do not remove their blinders and take a critical look at their activity. Stand outside and peer in the windows - what do you see? What draws you in? What keeps you on the outside?

I also see too many settling, and not expressing themselves. Someone needs you to speak up - to put words to their feelings and thoughts. Or, they are 1-dimensional, and lack any real connection with their community. The posts lack substance, and opportunities to connect are missed.

Are you dedicating time to review your social media accounts and activity? How do you gauge success or faithfulness? Are you being led to believe there is little you can contribute?

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