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Theming Your Church Website

Wrapping It Up

All of this and we still haven't even looked at available ImpressCMS and XOOPS themes for Christian websites or where to look for them. What makes a good theme for a Christian website? The same things that are true of any theme - the basics I've covered in the beginning of this article. It should

  • validate
  • be efficient
  • be consistent with your message and
  • reflect your identity as a ministry.

List of ImpressCMS Theme Designers

Browse ImpressCMS Themes

Browse XOOPS themes

You can also find other theme developers by checking the news and forums for your cms, many times new themes are announced there.

Finally, as a little something extra for reading this far, here are some sites that have galleries of other church website designs -

The goal of this article was to get you to look at your website with new eyes - eyes that might now see more than just a pretty page or no longer be blind to the impact of the media on your message. As usual, I'd like to know if this was helpful or not - please let me know!

  1. There's More Than Meets The Eye
  2. Semantic Markup - Form and Structure
  3. Page Layout, Visual Components and Efficient Designs
  4. Wrapping It Up
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