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Carnuke's short and basic FAQ about the Article module based on forum posts, Q&As and his own testing, as well as a brief introduction to "Article" template management
Basic FAQ
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SKenow (Steve K) contributes regularly at and ImpressCMS, in addition to maintaining several XOOPS-based web sites
- How do I install Article module?
Article installs as a standard Xoops module.

- How do I use search engine optimized URL?
Currently Article allows the following URL rule:
"" => ""
Consider some server does not accept such URL rewrite, the preference is disabled in the module by default. To activate it, you need "Enable URL rewrite" through "Preferences> Article>General settings"

- When I try to create uploads/article/file and uploads/article/image the folders are not created, what can I do?
Create these folders manually and give them world write permissions 0777

- Can I delete the pre-installed articles and categories?
You can delete the pre-installed articles, or put them in a non-public category for reference. All categories can be deleted also, except for one, which is required for the module operation. You can easily rename this to whatever you want.

- What is 'Utility' used for?
"utility" is to be developed, mainly for static page generation, plugin management, as well as batch manipulation for articles (such as backup/restore, import from html files)

- What are keywords/Tags and how do I manage them ?
Keywords/Tag can link or group articles together which share the same keywords/tag. A keyword/tag only becomes active if there is at least one other article in the module database which has the same keyword listed in the keyword field. When this happens the keywords automatically become a hyperlinks to a page that lists the other article(s). In this way you can quickly group articles together which share common keywords and make them easily reachable by readers and search engines.

- How do I display a list of keywords/tags?
There are blocks for tag presentation. It lists all the current active article keywords as hyperlinks. Also shows the number of articles sharing each keyword.

- What are Global keywords?
Global keywords are set in modules preferences in the keyword field. They are written as follows: MyLink This will produce a global hyperlink to in any article whenever the word 'MyLink' appears. This function will automatically convert the plain text into a hyperlink without an html tag. This can be an internal site link or external. You can of course turn this function off.

- What is the 'Transfer' item?
The transfer item allows an article to be copied over to another application. Currently this supports external: social bookmark (, furl), email, PDF, print internal: newbb, article, dokuwiki, wordpress, xmline. More will be available in the next version. The transfer items is plugable, which means there is no limit on plugins.
A bookmark plugin is being developed.

- What is the difference between 'Delete' and 'Terminate' ?
delete means forcing to remove an article; terminate means remove an article from a category, the article content still exists unless it is removed from all categories.

- What is the difference between 'View' and 'Access' in permissions?
'view' is for access to a full article. 'access' is for access to a category. If you have 'access' permission but not 'view', you then can only read what is displayed on a category page, such as titles/authors/summaries.

-In the Article submit page, please explain the options:
  • SUBMIT ~ sends the whole article for online publication. It will appear immeadiately or be moderated, according to admin options.
  • SAVE ~ saves the article as a private draft, which only you can view and access. Articles may be edited and submitted on a later session.
  • SAVE AND EDIT ~ saves the current article page into a temporary buffer, allowing you to continue editing or adding new pages.
  • PREVIEW ~ displays the article in published page view.
  • CANCEL ~ deletes the current submit session.
  • DELETE ~ deletes the article from the database.

- What is MYPAGE?
This is a private area which displays your list of created and published articles only.

- What is "Topic"?
Besides "category", Article also provides a pseudo-categorizing method "topic" allowing you collecting relevant articles to build a special series inside a category.
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