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Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS)

The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod isn't maintaining a current guide for church webmasters, but it is offering resources in the form of podcasts and blogs. Here are some shortcuts to their stuff -

 What I found

The article, though written in 1999, still contains relevant information. There are 2 different technology blogs - 1 for WELSTech and 1 for Technology. You'll find them under Get Involved and then Blogs.

As you can see, they do offer RSS feeds for inclusion on your site, if desired, or for just keeping up with the synod.

What I didn't find

A link to webmaster resources in the main navigation - the single printed resource is an article in their archives - you'll need to search to find it.

Though RSS  feeds are available, there was no central place to find them


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